6,162 thoughts on “GET OUT of the Day Thread (1/25)

  1. I forgot that Taylor Swift’s 1989 is a solid pop album. It’s no Emotion, but it’s still got some good songs on there (along with Style, which actually can hang with Emotion).

    1. It has its moments, but I think she probably peaked with Red. 1989 was the end of Taylor the Audience’s BFF and the dawn of Taylor, Nasty Piece of Work.

      …Every one of the singles is a banger, though.

  2. I wanna start a new band that plays loose and repetitious punk. Like 5 minute songs or longer. Post punky.

    1. Unless you are the Wipers, no punk song should be longer than 3, maybe 4 minutes TOPS. It’s my complaint about Japandroids. Decent songs, but wear out their welcome.

        1. Even the Fall usually tend towards under 5 minutes, though there are obviously exceptions.

            1. [scratches out “Unrest”, writes in “Glyph” on “Hydro” single, takes the night off]

  3. Has everything been nice and normal, y’all? I mean, our version of “normal”?

      1. I liked it well before today, so it’s been normal for the past two years, bwahahahahaha!!

        1. I am just messing with you. I’ve watched Boondock Saints way too many times to be considered a tastemaker around here. Lemme know when you have THAT hot a take.

    1. Yeah. Some people here hadn’t been through an invasion before and were scared the site might die, but mostly we weathered things ok.

      1. I’d say I miss all the good things, but I’m pretty sure that what I missed counts as a bad thing.

      2. I don’t know if those sentiments are based on people’s real feelings so much as they are on we being a spiral-prone bunch.

    2. No! Nobody has posted any cat pictures in at least ten minutes. The place is falling apart.

      Where are the kitties?

    1. I have a friend who recently adopted one. Everything he posts about her on FB looks delightful.

            1. Ya know, I always assumed you had a golden retriever, but in retrospect that is 100% based on your avatar.

              1. I had a golden growing up! Then I adopted a mutt, who I had to let live with my parents because of my landlord sitch, and they pretty much adopted him from me.

  4. I have 50 shows I could and should watch, and yet I’m probably going to rewatch Friday Night Lights as soon as I finish This is Us.

    1. Best marriage ever presented in a tv show. Shame their daughter was such a hot mess.

      1. I might change my opinion when I watch it again, but I thought she was realistically dramatic for a teenager. Hormones, man.

    2. The way I feel about Friday Night Lights is the way, I assume, that religious people feel about finding God. Just unreasonable. I love that show so much.

      1. Him interacting with people out in the world is the best. Mainly when he dances with people.

      1. I didn’t snitch.
        The younger one was running around, so I wasn’t going to get to use the computer much, anyways.

    1. Side note: I did get kicked in the back and have a toy thrown in with my chicken while eating the chicken.

    2. God, “Uncle Denim” is almost too good for a nickname. Consider this a preemptive apology for when I call you Uncle Denim next time, Lebowski MYE.

      1. Oh, thank Christ.
        I didn’t recognize the name, at first. I thought it would be somebody bad.

  5. Watched episodes 7-9 of Twin Peaks: The Return and now it’s onto The a Good Place.

    I might have some weird dreams tonight.

  6. Eating chocolate peanut butter Cheerios and starting tonight’s Good Place. Definitely a good evening.

    1. I saw those Cheerios in the grocery store this week and decided against it, and now I’m thinking I might just go back and get them.

  7. My kid just got assigned the part of “July” in the school play. I guess they are each doing a month? Sounds like it’s gonna be excruciating.

        1. Then that’s like 80% of your worries gone right there.

          A kids’ school show without some sort of atrocious writing is like a shopping cart without a squeaky wheel.

      1. Go back and time and kill Nelson Mandela in prison so this timeline never happens.

    1. I feel bad for the August kid. No holiday to fixate on there (unless you count the first day of school).

    2. We are doing the most terrible mini musical for the elementary schools called Free to Be You and Me about bullying. I just play the piano, but I would absolutely say “no, I just can’t say this” if I was singing- the dialogue is complete garbage and I already pity the kids that have to listen to us

      1. “Oh, man. What a great party. I wonder what kid’s house this is.”

        “I wonder if he likes me. Will I make the team? I wish my parents would stop fighting.”

        “Hey, Pants Pull-Upper! Nice pulled-up… pants!”

        “I shouldn’t laugh, but I want to fit in. Good one, Head Male Cheerleader!”


        “My parents’ room is out of town in my car. Wanna go park out?”

        “But what about that poor nerd?”

        “Ah, who cares about…” *gets attacked by nerd with baseball bat*

        “This is why being mean is not always the best choice.”

        1. Now bein’ mean ain’t the greatest choice
          My name’s Coach Z and I like to get noice
          If you wanna know how, listen to my voice
          I’ll tell you why being nice is the greatest choice!

        2. Oh it was written in 1987 and is absurdly outdated- the original album was performed by Alan Alda, Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, and like 10 more people who I’m not thinking of. They still can’t save it

          1. “Now listen, kids, only use the f-a word if you’re JOKING.”

    3. “I didn’t say it, he said it. Your friend. ‘Every July’, not ‘In July’. Yes he said it… Norway, the fish fingers in Norway.”

  8. I feel like I always get the most homework on Thursdays and Thursday is supposed to be my good place day. Anyway I’m going to bed at midnight again, just like I did last Thursday

      1. The topics are always open for discussion at the very least, and I’ll know if someone’s posted it.

        Don’t worry, I’m well aware of how many people watch the show at different times.
        And it’s a really good episode, it’s worth it.

        (P.S. Am I the only one who thought Laganja in this moment looked a tad like Lamb Chop?)


    1. All I got going on in my right ear is my wife telling her sister how mad she is that we don’t have VH1 anymore so she missed it.

  9. Speaking of Indian movies…

    I just got tickets for Bhaagamathie on Sunday! Woooo Anushka Shetty aka Devasena!

  10. I’m now listening to Reputation by Taylor Swift. What exactly does this album actually want to be. Also, I’m fairly sure that there are gun sound effects on I Did Something Bad.

    1. A while ago a local station played one of their songs and I thought it was good but never followed up with the album. I should do that soon.

  11. Why are phantom thread commercials saying it is Day-Lewis’s final role? He didn’t die or get indicted, did he?

        1. I mean, acting was never his primary career though. It was an intermittent hobby.

          1. I like to imagine him still trying to have another career, except acting takes up so much time he can only work at like the Home Depot

              1. Maybe he’s planning to join the Adam Sandler Cobbler Cinematic Universe (ASCCU for short)

    1. He’s “retiring forever”. A thing which I totally believe and is definitely true.

  12. I don’t regret calling in sick today so I could write, but I regret that meant I had to pay for concert parking instead of leaving my car at the office ten minutes away.

    1. The obvious solution here is to drive directly into the venue. It exudes so much confidence that people will leave you alone.

        1. Oh, awesome! May I see it? You did promise you’d share it! (Maybe here? I don’t know, that’s up to you.)

          And uh…I’ll show you my “BoJack” one if/when it gets finished. If you watch that show. Which you should!

    1. ‘neckbeard’ = ‘dr ben: cake’, obviously a bad omen. If he’s a doctor or has a PhD he’s right to avoid it.

    1. I only get a glimpse of what’s happening on that show during the crossovers. It’s like the terrible relatives you only see during holidays.

      1. Let me put it this way: as little right as he’d have to act aggrieved normally, he has even less now.

        1. You should get a drummer named Africa and start calling yourself “Georgy Porgy” and do Toto covers

    1. Look, I just said I had a guitar, it’s nearly trash and I can’t play it that well. It might be just right for your band but I’m not promising I’ll do it.

  13. I think I’m from an alternate timeline. I specifically remember everyone liking The Phantom Menace

    1. We didn’t entirely have anything to compare it to, as far as the prequels went.

    2. I remember sitting through it, constantly thinking “I don’t know who the fuck this Quin-Gon guy is, and why the SHIT is Anakin a kid?”

      1. Woulda been so much better if Anakin and Obi-wan were both teens already studying under Qui-Gon. So much bullshit with virgin births and midichloriadactyls and whatnot would have been avoided.

  14. You know what would be best? Kill off Curtis, have Echo Kellum do some bulking up, and have Curtis’ heretofore unmentioned twin brother Michael show up and take his mantle. But Michael is actually funny, confident, and doesn’t spout off technobabble.

    1. It’d be awesome if by the end of this season, Curtis has an epiphany, says, “Fuck this, I’m a tech genius and former Olympian. Time to be a badass and make my own company solo”, and become the real Mr. Terrific.

  15. Every time I glance at my Criterion Zatoichi brick done up Yakuza-tattoo style, I ache for a companion El Santo box set with a Dia de Muertos theme

      1. I mean, “cultural significance” is right there in the mission statement. And Santo vs. the She-Wolves will never be the worst film in the collection so long as Armageddon exists.

  16. What YouTube channels do you folks subscribe to?

    In addition to five personal accounts of some friends, I subscribe to DC Super Hero Girls, Ami Yamato, Barbie’s vlog, Cartoon Hangover, Doctor Who (Classic), Gotye, Lord Bung, Marble Hornets, Mathematical (Adventure Time), Monster High, Oh Ho Hojousama, Old Spice, Particlemen (They Might Be Giants), and The Mystery of Gravity Falls. I don’t know if this is a lot or not!

    1. Rooster Teeth comedy/podcast group and its subgroups Achievement Hunter and Funhaus. They make a lot of content, so the only thing I regularly watch is Funhaus, which riffs on old video games and are incredibly funny. (They’re also where I get 90 percent of my gifs from)

      1. I just can’t do them anymore. They clearly are going for that tween/teen market, and I’m just not that anymore.

    2. Jimquisition, Shaun and Jen, Hbomberguy, that guy who deconstructs CinemaSins videos (can’t remember his name and too lazy to look up), and I watch the stray Moviebob video.

    3. Cinemassacre. The Ben Heck show. Nerdist. TheLegendofRenegade (game music remixes). Geek & Sundry. Ill Will Press.

        1. Oh yeah, this is awesome. My other big thing lately has actually been videos of Japanese street food/confectionery.

    4. Some that talk about old amusement parks, a couple of the non obnoxious atheists, a Nightcore one, and a classical music one that focuses on sopranos.

    5. Screen Junkies, Fine Brothers Entertainment, REM HQ, CGP Grey, blackiebrens (makes fanvids)

    6. Mostly amateur education channels like Geography Now, LangFocus, and It’s Okay to Be Smart. I also like Every Frame a Painting but there’s not been a lot of content posted in the past couple years.

  17. Curious about how Netflix’s “A Futile And Stupid Gesture” will be. I might watch it this weekend.

    1. I really want to rewatch that in a theater- I watched it on a plane the first time. I wonder if I can convince my dad

    2. Side note: how many people in the US actually use the term DMV? I remember when I asked where to find one in PA they didn’t understand because they only call it PennDOT there.

      1. O_O I’ve been calling it the DMV since that’s what the sign of the building says and what other people around me said.

        1. I assumed it was the universal catchall term, especially since media solidified it, but not in PA.

  18. I wonder if there will be St. Vincent cover bands in 20 years.

    1. Yeah, but they’ll only play aughts St. Vincent. None of that 2010s crap that everyone knows.

  19. Three topics I want to discuss:
    1 – Where does the Halo series go after the events of Guardians?
    2 – Search Party Season 2 – Whoa, that got dark.

    1. ExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanseExpanse!

      I’m kinda looking forward to it.

    2. It didn’t end on Guardians?
      Is the Chief still alive?!?!?

      Note: I didn’t play anything that came out after Reach, I heard I wasn’t missing any great Aliens-inspired glorious space opera so fuck it

      1. Nah 5 basically sets up probably another trilogy but it’s gonna be batshit insane. Some potentially really awesome ideas and it seems like they are going for more of a BSG inspiration over Aliens.

      1. He basically has to. There’s maybe only a handful of AI at this point she doesn’t control with her promise to eliminate Rampancy.

  20. Free screening of Greatest Showman at my school tomorrow for music and drama students (the music director of the board of education is a film producer of some kind and has good friends in the Academy, so they lent him a screener)
    My friends and I are planning to go, hope it’s not terrible

    1. Ask him if his Academy friends have integrity and watch all the films they’re supposed to watch before voting.

    2. A lot of people love it…I have not seen it but apparently you should get ready to listen to the soundtrack on the loop (even some of the detractors have said that)

    3. If you have no previous knowledge of Barnum it’s ok. If you care about historical accuracy it gets worse in the ‘why would you alter this it’s completely insane’ and ‘this not only didn’t happen but the reality is far more interesting’ way.

      1. So like The Disaster Artist.
        I do know that the movie “hero-izes” barnum when he was a racist, elephant abusing crap bag, but I like musicals.

        1. Reading his Wikipedia section, he comes across better as a person than you might expect. The issues are more everything relating to his family and the creation of his museum and the timeline of his ‘freaks’ and whatnot. Like, the movie skips over the Fiji Mermaid.

  21. Every time a mid 20something says “I just can’t live here forever” I feel a shiver of victory because they have already given up and I have won.

        1. I spent one week in NYC when I was 17 and hated it so much NYU went from being my dream school to a place I didn’t even apply.

          1. Boo this woman!

            (Actually NYU does suck. It doesn’t even really have a campus. It’s just a bunch of buildings south of Washington Square Park.)

          2. You need to go back to NYC sometime. It really is a great place in many aspects.

            This is the last time I’ll reply to you in this thread, but my advice is always sound and worthy of taking

          3. I absolutely want to live in NYC but I don’t know if I want to go to NYU, not that I even know what I would be going for

            1. A college education!

              I’d love to try it if I could but it’s ALWAYS SO FAST IT NEVER SLOWS DOWN. My brain is already like that, I don’t need my surroundings/place of living like that too!

      1. Oh, I thought she meant Earth. I was all like, more oxygen for the rest of us.

        According to the BBC, we’re running out of sand. Sand!

            1. It’s coarse and gets everywhere and whatever else that jedi dork said.

            2. I wouldn’t say I “like ” sidewalks. I appreciate them, but I’m not forming some kind of bond with them.

              1. I formed a bond with a sidewalk once when a motor scooter hit me.

              2. Spend some time in a place with no sidewalks and lots of rain, and you will be buying sidewalks flowers every Valentine’s Day.

        1. How can we run out of sand? Isn’t that was everything not above water is made out of?

          1. Sand and gravel are now the most-extracted materials in the world, exceeding fossil fuels and biomass (measured by weight). Sand is a key ingredient for concrete, roads, glass and electronics. Massive amounts of sand are mined for land reclamation projects, shale gas extraction and beach renourishment programs. Recent floods in Houston, India, Nepal and Bangladesh will add to growing global demand for sand.

            In 2010, nations mined about 11 billion tonnes of sand just for construction. Extraction rates were highest in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by Europe and North America. In the United States alone, production and use of construction sand and gravel was valued at $8.9 billion in 2016, and production has increased by 24 percent in the past five years.

            Moreover, we have found that these numbers grossly underestimate global sand extraction and use. According to government agencies, uneven record-keeping in many countries may hide real extraction rates. Official statistics widely underreport sand use and typically do not include nonconstruction purposes such as hydraulic fracturing and beach nourishment.


              1. I know, right? It’s like every time I turn around, we’re fucking up something else.

        1. I thought that GIF was from “Trading Places”? Or are we thinking of different GIFs?

        1. I had to visit a friend’s family in West Covina a few months ago, and it took everything in my power not to burst into song.

    1. Are they aware that most people are saying that about where they live, in order to move to LA?

  22. So, they’re not giant mutated crabs, they’re a force field of disassociated negatively charged atoms that are shaped like giant crabs? But they still give birth like normal crabs? Sure, Roger, that makes sense.

    EDIT: Oh, and they have two giant human-like eyes instead of multiple eyes like real crabs.

  23. I think I may wanna start this band so I can be weirdly confrontational to people in a live setting.

          1. I have given up on any sort of respect for the Grammys by this point.

  24. I can’t help it. When they have a scene in “Knightfall” where they’re offering tribute to the King, I have to say, “Dilly dilly.”

      1. Thank you! I’ve had them for eight years and just keep swapping out the lenses. I got them in Iowa.

        1. I wish I could do that. My eyes are so bad it takes two weeks to get lenses for them.

          1. My eyes are really bad, but my current prescription was made in an hour at LensCrafters thanks to having my history in their system.

              1. I remembering working at Lenscrafters and being perversely excited when people with prescriptions we couldn’t do in an hour came in.

    1. I had an avocado bubble tea the other day and dang was it good. I hope you enjoy yours!

  25. Grrrrrrrrr all of my business classes insist I use APA style for written assignments, with in-line citations. God, I hate in-line citations.

      1. “Management is a science, so we DEFINITELY need to use the most science-y reference format!”

    1. I majored in history, took a ton of classes in anthropology, and got a master’s in library science. I am long past sick of having to switch through about three different citation formats.

          1. I’m a Goddamn English major, I demand a copy of the Turabian Manual of Writers at my side at ALL TIMES!

  26. I’m gonna tell you guys right now:

    The almost ecstatic joy I get from watching shows like Little Witch Academia, or Glitter Force, or really ANY show where young women overcome obstacles with pep and magic, that joy? It doesn’t make me feel like less of a man.

          1. Just a reminder that Marvel has a canonical genderswapped John Constantine because of a one-panel joke in that mini that they have never properly utilized since.

  27. Mermaids are a lot like Green Day. They’re half-fish, half-human. They’re like rebels, you know, down for whatever.

        1. Although Rotten lusts for money, i think even he’d spit on any money Billie Joe Armstrong gave him.

  28. i’m trying to build a meme with frinkiac but i need more examples of dialogue where people are in cars

    so, gimme some classic simpsons car scene dialogue

    i’m drunk

      1. i keep waiting for a golden age of futurama and seinfeld shitposts, but it never arrives


      Oh no, we left Grandpa back at the gas station!

      Doesn’t anybody care about Grandpa?

  29. Patti LuPone needs more work. I’m thinking a murder she wrote reboot.

    1. I initially thought you meant cosmetic surgery and found your comment unnecessarily judgey.

  30. My credit union now has a spending monitor and budgeting built in to the website where it has my account information. I really didn’t want to know how much I spend on eating out. It’s a substantial number, let me tell you.

    1. I really hate those functions. They always seem to mis-categorize things, and I can feel them looking askance at me. My incredibly awesome budget spreadsheet, on the other hand, doesn’t judge.

      1. I tried that with my last credit union—who kept fucking me over with fees—and I had to constantly recategorize expenses. It also lumped eating out in with me buying groceries.

    2. Man, I gotta say, paying to eat someone out is just never worth it.

      1. It’s definitely more selfless and natural to do that without being offered compensation. Otherwise, it’s just prostitution.

      2. I knew this place was getting to me when I started conscientiously saying “dine out.”

    3. Mint does that for me, although I find it amusing when it puts things in hilariously wrong categories.

  31. This guy I’m dating is a wuss when it comes to cold weather and as someone who grew up in Colorado I’m forced to teach him about wearing layers. He asked if we could not make out by his truck the next time we go out at night but it’s the only way he’s gonna learn.

        1. I walked to my freshman college classes in 8 feet of snow at 3 in the morning, and you’ll never be able to prove otherwise!

    1. People who live in cold climates can be just as stupid. The number of college kids I see walking to class, outside, wearing light sweatshirts and sneakers and there’s slush and snow and ice and the wind chill has dropped to the single digits is staggering.

        1. Well, yeah, that’s funny as hell. Especially when it’s forty out, and you’re walking around in a light coat because it’s a fucking heat wave during winter time, and they’re freezing.

  32. TIL that there’s one player to have won the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, and the XFL championship. And he also was elected to my city’s school board while he was still a player. Bobby Singh.

  33. fxx has increased the speed of this classic simpsons episode and the perfect timing is out of wack

    it’s unequivocally the greatest disaster of the modern era

    1. lisaneedsbracesdentalplanlisaneedsbracesdentalplanlisaneedsbracesdentalplan

      EDIT: Steamed Hams but it’s compressed 15% to make room for 11 minutes of commercials in a 30 minute timeslot.

        1. Goddammit this isn’t ‘Nam, this is Battlefield! There are rules shared expectations!

              1. My collection of obscenity-laden, homophobic private messages would indicate otherwise.

          1. The only proper way to play these games is to charge straight at your opponents like a Spartan on bath salts. Any thing else is cheating!

          2. Also, I know that “camper” is supposed to be this devastating insult that’s gonna make me cry and never pick up a controller again. But it’s like “cuck”; the only people affected by it are the ones throwing it around.

    1. When I was 19, I did a guy in Laos from a thousand yards out. It was a rifle shot in high wind. Maybe eight or even ten guys in the world could have made that shot. It’s the only thing I was ever good at. Well, see ya tomorrow.

  34. Hey Nintendo Switch Heads:

    Would anyone like to suggest a game I could buy for maybe $15 or less? Something puzzle-y? The eshop is great but I’m not really into platformers, or brawlers, or rogue likes.

    I already own Stardew and Golf Story

    1. I could swear they had some Candy Crushy, Gems sort of game I spotted once in the eshop.

      1. I played the demo and it was good, but it would be much better if I had someone else to play it with. Unfortunately I don’t, so it’s not worth it right now. I might get it for a party though.

  35. I played a video game for seven straight hours today. It was my first marathon session since, likely, Zelda released last year. It felt so good. I was beginning to feel sorta universally ‘meh’ about everything. I feel alive and nerdy again!

      1. Persona 5. I bought it Tuesday night and no one needed the TV all day today so I just didn’t stop playing.

        1. That game is fun! I should really go back to it, but for whatever reason I get in these slumps where I just can’t focus on any kind of game, even if I want to. Hence the TV and crochet time, which is also good.


          1. I was afraid I would only sorta like it and it’d fall into my backlog, but it just backlogged all of my other plans for the week. Which… isn’t good, because I have homework due soon.

      1. Persona 5.
        Bloodborne left a burning hole in my soul that has yet to be filled by anything. I made the mistake of beating it before getting the DLC, and as much as I loved it I’m rather terrified of having to play it again on NG+ to get to the new content.

  36. So, art class was fantastic with the wild haired redhead. Then i came home, and my wife was upset at the passive aggressive email from one of the students parents.

    Tomorrow is the fund raiser. When i see him, he might just have an unfortunate tumble down the stairs.

      1. I mean, its not as satisfying as feeling the soft warm flesh collapse, and see the blood vessels in his eyes burst while he slowly gasps and convulses….

        …i may have said too much

  37. Last weekend, I headed to a nearby bar just for a drink, looking to listen to some music and maybe brainstorm some ideas for the RPG Forum I’m opening soon. I struck up a conversation with a really nice girl sitting next to me, had a genuinely fun time with no expectations other than heading home to my Dog and to play some Mass Effect: Andromeda. And yet in the end she invited me to her place so we could knock boots.

    This might feel like bragging, but something strangely profound went on as I thought about this over the past few days, reflecting on how much energy I/Men in general spend in their youth obsessing over sex, the anger and frustrating when young guys go for a night out and strike out, etc. There’s something fascinating to me about the fact that I really wasn’t looking for anything, and was quite content to go home once it got too late. I was honest about my life, how I’m a cashier at a pet store, which is the first job you’ve held down in years due to anxiety/depression, etc. She had a much more interesting job, and was struggling with having recently moved, I did my best to listen, and offered advice when she asked for it. In the end, we hooked up and had a really nice time. Dunno what else to say, other than some hokey shit about putting positivity out into the world, being open and honest, and willing to really listen to other people, and you’ll be surprised at the good things that can happen.

        1. I mean, on the bright side you found your long-lost sister!
          Downside, the guy who got convicted of killing her was already electrocuted…
          Bright side! He was kind of a dick anyways.

    1. …….Whatever.

      *sprays Axe all over body, slicks back hair, goes out wearing “Female Body Inspector t-shirt*

    2. If that happened to me, ever, I’d feel as though I’d somehow used up ten years worth of luck and would immediately buy life insurance on myself because some sort of piano was likely to fall on me.

      Also, congrats, that sounds like the basically ideal surprisingly wonderful night out.

      1. It was a quite strangely pleasant evening. I drank less than I usually do due to some meds I’m on (which ended up being a good choice, something which I probably should continue to do), she was really interesting and far more attractive than I am, and we had a really nice time together. I feel like Helen Mirren or Morgan Freeman should have just nodded at me from the corner as I walked out, then disappeared 😛

        1. If I were you, I’d still be convinced it was some kind of crazy dream. And then, like, I’d find something she left behind and be like ‘oh crap that actually happened!’