Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Jan. 24

Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Jan. 24 – Please welcome today’s contestants:

– Eric, a pastor from Somerset, PA, who played a game show host and wants Alex’s job;
– Del, a data scientist from San Francisco, CA, who trailed in a 5K race behind a 70-year-old; and
– Rachel, a fire lookout from Bend, OR, who met Neil deGrasse Tyson. Rachel is a three-day champ with winnings of $54,200.

Rachel took control by running a DJ catgory about small cats and withstood a threat from Del to lead into FJ with $12,800 vs. $7,300 for Del and $4,800 for Eric.

DD1 – ONLY GEOGRAPHY – The only mainland South American country with English as an official language (Rachel lost $1,000)

DD2 – SOUNDS LIKE MY FIRST MARRIAGE Before she was Martha Washington, she was married to a man with this last name (Del lost $2,500)

DD3 – Not seen

FJ – BUSINESS & INDUSTRY – This company’s first mailers in 1953 offered 20 different magazine subscriptions – prizes came 14 years later

Surprisingly, only Eric was correct on this seemingly easy FJ and Rachel had enough of a cushion to hang on, dropping $1,801 to win with $10,999 and a four-day total of $65,199. Note that this game could have gone to Eric had the judges not reversed themselves on Rachel’s response of “Speed Wagon” for a clue about manufacturer REO that was looking simply for “cars”.

That’s before our time: The players didn’t know the great thoroughbred who lost to 100-1 longshot Upset was Man o’ War (this is where the term “upset” for an unexpected win originated). Also, no one knew the fruit and dairy complexion referenced in the song “You’re 16” is “peaches and cream”.

The Week in Trebekistan: Alex has been obsessed with referring to the contestants as “young” lately, including three times in this episode alone. Could this have something to do with his stated fear about Young Sheldon coming to replace him?

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What is Guyana?
DD2 – What is Custis?
FJ – What is Publishers Clearing House?