Werewolves 51: Cryptography Day One

So, I guess you all just didn’t read the header for the intro that I so lovingly crafted since most of you still assume this is a game about M.  That’s okay, because I feed on your confusion and not paying attention to everything I say is gonna get you all killed.  Also, I’m pretty sure I basically called all the responses to it in the intro.

I guess then it falls on me to explain the premise of this.  Much like Jigsaw, I will be testing you all to see if you are worthy.  Sure, you could just stick it out like normal and try to read people’s behavior to pick out which of you all is a real no-gooder, but what if I was to tell you there was an alternative.

Let me tell you about all the hints I have scattered about these bits of the game above the comments.  Inside every one of them there are one or more different clues that will help point you along to a reveal of a specific baddie.  There are a number of paths that will spool out over days or all within one day but regardless they have been all planned out like I’m fucking David Xanatos.

Everyone here’s heard of augmented reality (AR) games, right?  Well it’s the same principle here as this will call upon your powers of perception, knowledge, and a healthy amount of Googling to solve these.  I fully expect you all to fail and not solve a single one of these, but as I said before, I look forward to pasting my big old note sheet at the end telling you what you missed and how obvious it was all.  It’s not just going to be riddles or something, I’m not a Batman villain.  There’s gonna be quite the variety.

Now you may be thinking “Well I’m not especially perceptive or smart and I use Bing because it shows me more naked ladies, how am I going to do this all?”  Well this is where the power of teamwork comes into it.  There are 20 people right now who are able to work together and solve this.  Maybe only one of you will recognize one of the clues or get a reference, but that’s all it takes, one person.  All those who don’t contribute to the problem solving are just making it easy on the wolves and might as well just be screwing around listening to some Azealia Banks.  When the time comes, and you’re all that’s left, no one will be able to help you.

Could one of these people be misleading you because they are evil?  Absolutely.  But that’s just part of the fun.  The quicker you solve these puzzles, the better a chance you have of staying ahead of the game and when the time comes to reveal the truth, you’ll be ready to find them and exact justice.

Everybody here can contribute and I’ve already spoken a bit more than I’d have liked to but what can I say, it’s hard out here for a mod.  One last thing, if you were wondering where your roles are, they were intentionally withheld for important reasons at first, but they should now be there.  Now’s the fun bit of watching you fail miserably, latch onto the completely wrong information, or somehow stumble into the answer by mistake like some Inspector Clouseau.  So take it away Eiffel 65, because I’m determined to make this difficult and what could be more effective than getting this shit lodged in your brain pans.

1. RobertPostsChild
2. forget_it_jake
3. MacCrocodile
4. Admirax
5. E-Dog
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. Lovely Bones
8. Terrible Renegade LibraryLass
9. Capt.LindsayFunke
10. Captain Video
11. Smapti Jones
12. Doctor Nick
13. Subsaharan
14. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
15. Candide
16. LetItSnowen1120
17. spookyfriend
18. HolsIsASexyFrenchMaid
19. Tobias Morpheus
20. Spiny Creature