Suggestion Box: Your Favorite (and Non-Favorite) TV Shows

Inspired by a conversation I was having with Ben Grimm this morning, I decided to create a Suggestion Box where you can offer up helpful tips on how the people in charge can improve the shows you watch on a regular basis. I’m emphasizing the “suggestions” piece, because it’s easy to complain about a show (I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason Heroes came back), but I’d like for everyone to get the creative juices flowing on how to make TV even better. One other ground rule: please use the spoiler tag on any major spoilers from this season.

I’ll kick it off with the show I was discussing this morning: Arrow. Team Arrow is officially too large for its own good for the simple reason that the writers seem to feel like each and every character has to have their own subplot. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)  Diggle has a drug problem. Rene wants his daughter back and speaks to the Feds as a result. Dinah’s ex-boyfriend is a crazy vigilante. Curtis’ husband leaves him and he’s lonely. Laurel non-union Earth 2 equivalent shows ups and Quentin is conflicted. And all that was just this season while queen melodrama Thea was in a coma! (End spoilers) It’s resulted in a show spending way too much time on the subplots and not enough time on the main plot. Things get tied up in the most confusing and unsatisfying ways possible so they can move on to the next inane subplot. It really is ruining what used to be a very solid show.

The solution is simple: There are too many members of Team Arrow and they need to get rid of at least two (PS: I am not a crackpot – BEAT YOU ALL TO IT!). My vote would be for Rene and Dinah/Black Canary. Rene adds very little to the team other than a tough guy attitude and an occasional disregard for authority. Dinah is simply a substitute for both the original Black Canaries in the field and for Quentin in the SCPD. If you lose them, you get rid of two of the dumber subplots on the show and allow for tighter storytelling (see the last two years of Agents of SHIELD for how limiting subplots has made a show way better). Curtis would be on the fence for me as well, as it’s essentially like having a male Felicity. I’m not saying they need to kill them off (though I’m not saying I’d be against that either). They could just go the Roy route and send them someplace else, never to be seen again (until they show up on American Horror Story). But they need to leave and not come back.

I probably have a dozen others, but I’d rather hear everyone else’s thoughts on their shows (and feel free to tackle the Arrowverse as well!).