Episode #31: 2017 Year-in-Review Community Extravaganza

After a long delay and many technical difficulties (seriously, give The Kappa a round of applause for editing it all together), the 2017 Year-in-Review Community Extravaganza is finally here! Join me, The Kappa, The Radio Cat, Ben, Otakunomike, Pulprobot, Wolfman Jew, Science is Bad, and Andy Tuttle as we look back on the year that was in gaming.

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0:15 – Introductions
1:45 – The Game Awards
8:45 – The YouTube Adpocalypse
20:15 – Patreon Rule Changes
22:20 – Loot Boxes and Microtransactions
34:05 – Visceral Games’ Closure and Multiplayer Shooters
41:15 – Mass Effect: Andromeda
48:40 – The Resurgence of the Japanese Games Industry and PC Ports of Japanese Games
53:40 – The Nintendo Switch
1:05:50 – The Xbox One X and Microsoft’s 2017
1:14:30 – The Super NES Classic Edition
1:16:15 – IGN’s Acquisition of Humble Bundle
1:22:50 – Valve No Longer Making Story-Driven Games
1:30:05 – Ben’s Favourite Games
2:02:20 – Otakunomike’s Favourite Games
2:18:55 – Pulprobot’s Favourite Games
2:45:10 – Andy Tuttle’s Favourite Games
3:13:00 – Wolfman Jew’s Favourite Games
3:41:40 – Science is Bad’s Favourite Games
4:18:30 -The Radio Cat’s Favourite Games
4:29:20 – The Kappa’s Favourite Games
4:42:50 – Merve’s Favourite Games
4:55:25 – The Worst or Most Disappointing Games of the Year
5:22:05 – Surprises of 2017
5:32:30 – Conclusion