Elastigirl Will be the Star of The Incredibles 2

As we all wait for a trailer forĀ The Incredibles 2 (one which involves more than Jack-Jack giggling a lot), Disney has released some new character and plot-information for the much-anticipated sequel, along with a full voice cast. The biggest confirmation is that, as was reported from Disney D23 last year, Helen Parr/Elsastigirl will be the star of the movie, but now we know that her main task will be helping to bring the Supers back into the public.

Among the various new faces–one of whom is almost certainly going to be the film’s villain–we have “Voyd,” a potential sidekick for Elastigirl, two telecommunication company siblings who are “committed” to making being a superhero legal again, and someone called “Ambassador,” who is…presumably exactly what her name would imply.

As for the character information for the returning characters? Well, for Dash and Violet, at least, they sound more or less identical to what they were doing in the original, with Dash wanting to be fast and Violet being reclusive while trying to learn how to control her powers. Even Frozone’s profile doesn’t provide much that’s new, other than that he would love to be a superhero again. It is notable that Rick Dicker–the secret agent who was a friend of the Parr family in the first movie–will now be played by veteran character actor Johnathan Banks, taking over for Pixar story artist Bud Luckey (who was last heard as Eeyore in thatĀ Winnie the Pooh film which almost no one saw).

The Incredibles 2 opens everywhere June 15th, but fingers are crossed that we’ll be getting a new TV spot for it during the Super Bowl in two weeks.