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Sound and Sound: The Avocado Album Poll

Since Scott’s movie thing is doing so well, I figured I would bring back the brainchild of a banned member, though with some modifications. READ EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW BEFORE POSTING.

  1. You can vote for either 10 or 20 albums. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing in between.
  2. To reduce the risk of ties, these lists will be RANKED. If you post a list that appears to be unranked, I will ask you to fix it, and if you do not respond, your ballot will be discarded.
  3. Include the artist with the title of the album, to distinguish between different albums with the same title.
  4. The point scheme will reward those who make longer lists while still being somewhat fair to those who only do 10. Your first pick will ALWAYS be worth 20 points, #2 will always be worth 19, and so on. #11-20 on a longer list will be worth 10-1 points.
  5. Voting will begin today, January 21, and will end at the posting of the Night Thread for Saturday, January 28.
  6. ONLY STUDIO ALBUMS COUNT. No compilations, no live albums.