1/21 Sunday Food Thread eats ice cream in January

It’s the middle of January in Chicago and the temperature at the beginning of the week was in the single digits (f) and now it’s well above freezing. This calls for ice cream! My wife finds it funny that I really enjoy eating ice cream in the winter because it melts much more slowly than in the warmer weather. Am I a weirdo (like, Austin freak level) or not for eating ice cream when it’s cold out?

The header image is from Margie’s Candies in Chicago, I used to live a couple of blocks from there and feel like I may have single-handedly kept them in business over the winter of 1993-4. The place is also notable for being “discovered” by the Beatles in 1964.

Any Southern Hemisphere Avocados I hope you finish your ice cream before it melts down your shirt.