“Kloger” American Dad! S14 E19

American Dad! Season 14 Episode 19
Grade: F

Oh God why. Between the product placement (eHarmony)and the sex scenes that seemed like something out of the dark corners of the animation internet (hitting incest, bestiality, rape…), this is the kind of episode that makes me want to stop watching the show. Why even is Klaus dating ‘Roger’ and not that personality of his? Doesn’t Roger regard Klaus with contempt and shouldn’t that have been a part of this. Why am I even asking canonical questions.

Hayley’s subplot was no better. Just us slowly watching her eyes crust over with no payoff. I truly didn’t understand if that chicken that fell from the ceiling was in her mind or not.

Random Observations:
• “Have you ruled out the possibility it’s doing a Toy Story?”
• “Well. That’s life as a hermit crab owner.”