“The Long Bomb” American Dad! S14 E18

American Dad! Season 14 Episode 18
The Long Bomb
Grade: C+

The stadium. Why did it have to be the stadium. And a lukewarm Die Hard play by the numbers. Some of the bits in the mid-section (the hot dog, the attack montage) made up for the detriments and dumb Roger B-plot that went nowhere, but then there was an unnecessary twist for the villain reveal.

The show certainly seems to be setting up this weird world of generic professional sports and promoting characters like the rafters guy to be established characters who’re expected to be seen there. Why? It’s a strange decision to make- there’s no bite to the ‘sharks’ or the ‘gorillas.’ Especially since the actual Washington [redacted]s’ have some serious issues. And why oh why did they go the ‘intermittently brilliant or mentally impeded as a result of repeated brain trauma’ route? This even contradicts previous show cannon for these sporting events. Mysterious. And not in a good way.

Random Observations
• “Have you lost your mind?!”
• “Now push it through the vent.”