This Wednesday Political Post Believes Good Leaders Inspire Loyalty

Everything you need to know about Donald Trump, you can tell from his administration. Not Fox or CNN or Trump supporters in some ramshackle mining town but the people who see and work with him daily. Whatever else he is, he is not a man that inspires any sort of loyalty. Immediately upon entering the WH, there was unprecedented amount of leaks, people turn on him on like the wind before a violent thunderstorm. Everyone that has left the White House took a proverbial shot at him upon leaving. The people that do stay close do so for some self serving mission. He is truly a man with no ports in the storm.

Yesterday another previous staff member/ “friend” Steve Bannon was supposed to testify in front of the House intel committee. He refused. He was subpoenaed on the spot. He still refused. The narrative he is pushing is loyalty. Except he already contributed to the worst Trump narrative in tell-all book. He lost his billionaire backer, his position at Breibart, and his podcast at Sirius. So we are supposed to believe loyalty perpetuated this decision…more like survival mode. Bannon has lost a lot and Trump is the key to getting some of it back. But let’s be clear, there is no loyalty here. Bannon has already lawyered up for Mueller’s team and if it becomes beneficial for him, he will talk.

Don’t be surprised if Trump accepts his apology shortly…and brings him back into the fold. It’s beneficial to both of them to keep the other close. Symbiotic or Parasitic? You decide. Welcome to Wednesday!