The Fake News Awards Are Not a Thing, So Let’s Not Treat Them Like They Are

Tonight, news articles all across the internet–ranging from CNN to entertainment websites like Deadline–are posting articles about the “awards ceremony” Donald Trump held this evening, “honoring” the media in a way that only he can…

On second thought, you know what? Let’s do ourselves a favor and not talk about this. Because publicity farces like this are how Trump got where he is in the first place.

Just as the Razzies have no merit as a satire since they have always been about condemning what’s “popular” to hate (to the point where they even went after a child for the Sylvester Stallone family drama Over the Top), the “Fake News Awards” have no value either as they come from the very same cloth of invaluable nastiness. Trump’s supporters will no doubt snicker over them in the same way certain men on the internet chortle over a Twilight movie getting a nomination for Worst Picture, as though somehow this gives them a form of vindication. “MSNBC has no value. Didn’t you hear? It won a ‘Fake News Award.'”

No, it didn’t, just as the Twilight series has won no “worst actress ever” awards. Because to say otherwise would be to feed the trolls. And they’ve been fed to the point of having their bellies burst as of late.

So I’m personally not going to bother to find out who “won” Trump’s little game of patting his base on the back tonight. Because there’s nothing to look up. The “Fake News Awards” have about as much value as the “Oscar” Uwe Boll made for himself just to spite his haters. And if we humor them by discussing them for the next several days, we are only going to encourage them to happen again next year.

I’ll post another of these articles next month, if I have to, when Trump gives himself an Olympic Gold Medal. Until then, I’m going to encourage my friends to go see Paddington 2.

Have a good night.