That Enchanted Sequel You Read About Years Ago is Still Happening

It’s hard to think of many movies that are more all-around charming than Enchanted, Disney’s gentle satire of their own animated musicals which also served as a salute to them. Shortly after the film became a critical darling, the Mouse House was looking to do another, but faced an apparent road block due to star Amy Adams not being particularly interested, presumably because she didn’t want to risk being type-cast as a “lovable innocent” for the remainder of her career (and given her roles in this, Catch Me If You Can and Doubt, perhaps this was a valid concern).

There had been rumors that Disney would move forward without Adams, but now it’s being said that she’s expected to be involved after all, with the sequel–currently titled Disenchanted–having a nearly complete script, Den of Geek is reporting.  The film is also said to have “many more songs” than the original did, which probably means that Idina Menzel will get to sing this time, especially since she has become royalty among children everywhere after letting it go as the Disney hero Elsa in a little movie you may have heard of called Frozen.

We know nothing of where the sequel will go at this point, though the title would indicate that Giselle might be feeling jaded after spending a decade married in “the real world,” but presumably won’t involve her becoming an alcoholic or a drug dealer on the streets of New York City. Of course, it’s also possible she’s under some sort of spell that makes her feel “disenchanted,” as there’s no reason to assume Susan Sarandon’s Queen Narissa didn’t survive exploding into pixie dust at the end of the first movie. And hey, after rooting for Hillary Clinton to lose the election back in 2016, we could all use a reason to like Sarandon again.

Disenchanted is currently without a release date.

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