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Sports Corner – January 17

You guys are on your own for discussion of the week’s sports as I will be doing Work Stuff when this goes live.  But thankfully, all I need to do is say “Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs” and that should get some conversation going about one of the best finishes in NFL history.  It’s moments like this that are why, no matter how much I really do want to stop caring about this violent, dangerous sport, I still care.

Other things on the table:

  • NBA players vs. NBA refs, and now players vs. players in the bowels of Staples Center.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates have a fire sale
  • The Australian Open begins with half the American women losing the first day
  • NHL all-stars announced
  • NFL coaching vacancies start to fill, even as new ones emerge

Have fun storming the field!