“Family Plan” American Dad! S14 E17

American Dad! Season 14 Episode 17
Family Plan
Grade: C-

None of this worked very well. I chuckled over the expectations game about which gag they’d go with or at the stupidity of the gags, but that’s about it. Oh, Steve’s about to eat a macaroni cock? How outré.

The transition to a battle royal type event seemed promising, if only because it seemed to indicate that the ‘father’ figure Francine was worshiping was just a schemer who put fake letters in adoption agency files to get hangers on to kill each other over the inheritance. But, no, we get a lot of vaguery about ‘data overages’ and Stan’s mysterious obsession with a TV show I’ve never heard of that comes and goes as the plot permits.

The whole thing stinks of a copy/paste job from Family Guy’s rich relatives subplots. Roger made for a terrible, nonsensical cat.

Still, the ultraviolence was good. The stuff at the orphanage was pretty good. The family singing in the car, Haley and Roger talking shop by the dumpster, all that worked.

Random Observations:
• None of my personas are family.
• …and he who shall not be named.
• I got my eye on you… You’re… a real piece of shit.