“V for Valentine-detta” Bob’s Burgers S8 E8

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 8
V for Valentine-detta
Grade: A-

The quirkiness was on point. From the limo driver’s ‘is she simply talking on Louise’s level or does she really believe in her decapitation conspiracy theory’ profitable confusion to everything Gene said, it feels good to be on the same page as Bob’s Burgers when it’s on a roll. Kuddos to the show as well for starting en media res with all the school gossip playing out in the background (we’ve seen all that before).

The episode dragged a little in the second half and was a little pat with its resolution, but at least hopefully this signals the end of ‘Jimmie Jr. is quietly awful’ storylines for a while.

Gloves Actually
Shall We Ants?
The Shut Up and Swiss Me Burger

Random Observations:
• Time of breath? Powerful.
• I miss Tina’s bones. I liked them! I never even got to say goodbye!
• I knew I’d find my real mom someday.
• You may be asking yourselves, ‘can I really do trapeze?’ Well look at me. I got 30, 40 extra pounds on me, I got diabetes, major depression, a weird skin thing on my foot…
• And with… you, what was the thought process? Nightmares. Love it.
• I know the owner. Saved his life. After I hit him with my car.
• Now who has ghillie suits and who needs ghillie suits?