The Avocado

February 17th – Dinner and HUMP! Chicago Meetup

Dan Savage’s HUMP Festival is playing at the Music Box on this weekend. Tickets can be bought here: Please note that this is an ADULT movie screening: the HUMP festival features erotic/porn shorts submitted by non-professionals in a variety of situations and with a huge variety of tones, from hilarious to dead serious. It’s a lot of fun!

We’ll go to the 7pm screening together on Saturday, February 17th, and meet up for an early dinner first, probably as early as 4 so we can get to the Music Box by 6:30 for good seats. The dinner spot has not yet been decided so throw out your suggestions here!

So where: TBD for dinner at 4pm, near the Music Box theater

Also where: The Music Box theater at 6:30pm for a 7pm screening

When: February 17th