Sunday Food Thread 1/14

Your humble canine is back this week. Thanks to Enuma for doing a great job with the kitchen tools thread last week!

How about a “Let’s post dessert pics!” thread this week? We came across a sweet potato with home-made marshmallow (meringue really) frosting recipe that we had to make as a nod to the staple of Thanksgiving tables, it was delicious! For the record I don’t care for marshmallows with my sweet potatoes as a savory dish, the sweetness of the tuber doesn’t need any help. If anything I prefer them with a salty flavor like soy sauce or feta cheese. This cake delivered (recipe posted in the comments) with the cake itself not being overly sweet so the marshmallow topping really brings the sugar bomb, and this is a dessert so I want my sweet tooth satisfied.

Also in the comments I’ll post Randall Colburn’s AVClub review of Top Chef for anyone who wants to talk about the show without going Kinja.