Parental Guidance January 13, 2018: Sleep

Hello and welcome to Parental Guidance, The Avocado’s Weekly thread for parents, prospective parents, caregivers and other lunatics 1 who think they have what it takes to raise some humans. Each week I, Corn, and/or Miss Rim will put up a thread with a discussion prompt and open the floor to all parents who may be looking for advice, sharing a fun experience, or just venting about how goddamn maddening this crazyass responsibility can be.

This week’s topic: Sleep

How much sleep do your kids get, on average? How much sleep do you and/or your partner get, as a direct result? How frustrating is bedtime in your house, on a scale of “persistent annoyance” to “absolute endless nightmare from which there is no reprieve?” Got any good tips for improving this super-important area of life? Let us know in the comments, or just catch some Zs first and come back when you’re feeling better.