The Big Spur Night Thread 1/12

The University of South Carolina have always had a huge, glaring problem with their mascot: how do you control a living chicken? There’s the pecking, the crowing, and the chicken poop everywhere.

Fortunately, the whole costumed mascot thing started getting huge in the 1970’s. After first experimenting a little with The Rooster, USC settled on a mascot named Big Spur. He was named after the live chicken Sir Big Spur, a feisty little guy who was nevertheless energetic and vigorous.

Unfortunately, Big Spur was just too huge. His head was stiff and ungainly, making him a poor fit for tight games when constant motion in and out the tunnels would cause some painful throbbing. So Big Spur had to go.

He was replaced by his stubbier, girthier “son,” Cocky. Fans were a little nervous at first, but after some time they learned to love Cocky!

This doesn’t change the fact that the Gamecocks probably should change their name. I mean, it’s just not cool to promote animal cruelty…


… of gamecocks.