Werewolf 50 Signups: Clue

You approach the foreboding mansion with dread. The note is still crumpled in your pocket, stained from the cold sweat you broke into when you received it.

“You are invited to a dinner party! Be at Hill House, off Route 41 at 7:00PM this Saturday, October 15, 1954. It will be to your advantage to be present on this date, because a Mr. Boddy will bring to an end a certain long-standing confidential and painful financial liability.”

–A Friend


You have no choice. The information Mr. Boddy holds over you simply can’t get out to the public. Perhaps he’s finally willing to talk. And if not, maybe you’re the type of person to employ other methods. No matter what it takes, by the time you leave this mansion, you’re going to be free – one way or the other.

This is Werewolf 50: Clue



11 Guests (Vanilla Town)
4 Murderers (Vanilla Wolves)

Roles and Rules:

The general rules are pretty standard. The game is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, all players will meet in an open thread that I will post. If you wish to vote for another player, you may do so until Twilight in the Vote Thread. A player who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be lynched.

During the Night, all players with powers will submit their targets’ names in their personal QTs. At the same time, the Wolves will meet in their own group QT to decide on a target for their Night kill.

Town’s goal is to eliminate all the Wolves. The Wolves’ goal is to eliminate Town, or reduce their numbers to the point where it becomes impossible for Town to eliminate the Wolves.

Please make at least a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six minimum). Non-participation may get you lynched, or worse, replaced. Trust that someone named Colonel Mustard that owns the T-shirt above will be stricter about that in this game than in others.

You may select your character from the following list on a first-come, first-served basis. If you don’t care which role you have, one will be randomly assigned to you. Character choice will be irrespective of Town/Wolf alignments. Role play is encouraged, but not required. Feel free to role-play across gender lines, or in any non-binary way you choose.

Miss Scarlet
Mrs. White
Mrs. Peacock
Mr. Green
Prof. Plum
Miss Peach
Madame Rose
Monsieur Brunette
Sgt. Gray
Dr. Orchid
Det. Ochre
Det. Amarillo
Prince Azure

In the Tarot game, nobody was Vanilla. In this game, everyone is! However, that doesn’t mean you’re powerless. After all, this dinner party is in a vast mansion with lots of rooms. Who knows what may be hidden in these rooms? Maybe you can snag a useful item that just might help you survive this ordeal.

Please comment here if you’d like to play. If the list fills up, feel free to volunteer as a backup.

See the comment threads to decide when Day One will begin. In general, Days will be 24 hours, and Nights will be 12 hours (or whatever length is appropriate to get the next Day started at a reasonable time).


1) MacCrocodile (Mrs. Peacock)

2) El Marinero (Reverend Green)

3) Capt.LinsdayFunke (Mrs. White)

4) forget_it_jake (Miss Peach)

5) Doctor Nick (Professor Plum)

6) HolsIsFuuka (Yvette)

7) Tintin Quarantino (Det. Amarillo)

8) Admirax (Miss Scarlet)

9) subsaharan (Prince Azure)

10) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Madame Rose)

11) the good king snugglewumps (Wadsworth)

12) Zecko (Sergeant Gray)

13) Grumproro (Monsieur Brunette)

14) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer (Dr. Orchid)

15) Captain Video (Det. Ochre)


1) Indy (Mrs. Ho)

2) Mello Yello Enthusiast (The Harbinger)

3) Spiny Creature (The Singing Telegram)

4) Owen (The Motorist)