Happy! Season 1 Episode 5 White Sauce? Hot Sauce?

Several characters either reach their lowest point or are well on their way there on tonight’s episode of Happy! Having found Very Bad Santa’s first hideout (mere minutes after he left with all the kids) Happy decides to take Nick to Amanda’s house so her and Nick can team up to find Hayley. The reunion is not a happy one however as while Happy is sulking in in Hayley’s room Nick and Amanda have a shouting match in the living room. This fight gets immediately interrupted when ax wielding assassins break into the house in an attempt to kill Nick. After fending off the ax maniacs, Nick in a state of despair attempts suicide by laying down on a subway line while he tries to convince Happy that people aren’t good and no one will help him off the tracks. While this is going on Meredith finds herself in multiple hot seats after Smoothie catches her snooping around Bad Santa’s hideout. When she comes too she finds that Internal Affairs is on her now and they want her to stop investigating the missing persons case and instead double her efforts to find Nick. She sees through this rather quickly and realises IA is also in Blue’s pocket. The episode ends with Happy leaving Nick to wallow in his own self hatred and Nick realising that Blue is responsible for the kidnapping.


This episode while probably the low point of the season for the characters has some of the funniest gags yet. Especially when Isabella is making meatballs with her mother to save her sons souls and the old lady pours menstrual blood on the meat. It is also one of the creepier episodes as we find out that Hayley and the rest of the kids have been taken to a weird classroom where Smoothie is the teacher. I don’t think I have ever seen someone make eating corn as unnerving as Smoothie did while the introductory message was playing for the kids. Overall this episode gets a B+


Passing Thoughts:

  1. “Ax and you shall receive.”
  2. Those Internal Affairs agents are hilarious and I hope they show up for more episodes.
  3. I can’t even begin to imagine what those kids will be learning in Smoothie’s class
  4. That poor mouse!
  5. I wouldn’t trust cake either after that drugged fruit cake