“Casino Normale” American Dad! S14, E11

American Dad! Season 14, Episode 11
Casino Normale
Grade: C+

Blessed with an A plot with a lot of promise (Francine taking on the CIA), this episode was nevertheless rather aimless and generally saved by a couple good bits and jokes. Roger’s B car plot was even worse, with our favorite insatiable killing machine even more fuzzy on his motivations than usual.

Stan learning his lesson was a weird departure from standard American Dad procedure, and the year time jump was a little needlessly distracting. This season of the show has split up the two halves of its cast pretty regularly and I think we’re starting to get diminishing returns from the bifurcated plots. Leno’s death should have been at a moment that they needed him for something so as to achieve maximum comedy, rather than something that was pointless. Francine’s jealousy of the women Stan was seducing should have come into play a little bit. Something horrible should have happened to Klaus.

American Dad is still good television and entertaining even on an off night but it’s sad to see such a creative show replicate the plot structure of a later day Simpsons or Family Guy.

Random Observations:
This is the third time the Falcon has not fallen for this.

Last night was a doozy. Woke up in a pool of blood with my thumb up my ass.
…I think I’m sleeping wrong.

Wow, Roger’s gotten a lot of use out of that dog catcher’s pole. Great purchase.

Roger, this cage is supposed to be for the whole family.

And to think I chemically blinded Michael Chiklis.