The Trailer for the Teen Titans Go! Movie is Now Online

There are certain things you are considered “brave” for coming out and saying you enjoy online. Batman and RobinVan HelsingHeroes after its first season. All three of these are in the company of Teen Titans Go!, a delightful TV series I discovered by accident after watching the short-lived Beware the Batman one Sunday morning and found to be random but hilarious…until I went on the internet and found out it’s apparently the worst thing ever created by anyone ever and that by liking it  I was contributing to the brain cells of comic book fans everywhere slowly being destroyed.

Anyway, Teen Titans Go! is now getting a movie–making the first Cartoon Network program to get a feature film since The Powerpuff Girls–and it will see our heroes (or our childhood rapists, depending on who you ask) becoming frustrated that every superhero around has gotten a big blockbuster made except for them. Determined to fix this, they travel to Hollywood to make it big, except that the director of their film is probably a supervillain bent on destroying them. Or maybe it’s just produced by Harvey Weinstein. Boom!

Unlike other animated movies–which are usually announced years before they come out—Teen Titans Go! is apparently being fast-tracked by Warner Bros., as we all only learned about it last fall. That’s pretty ballsy considering the film is set for release in July, but my hunch is some studio honcho must’ve really liked what they were seeing and greenlit it for a summer opening.

You can watch the first trailer for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies below. You might enjoy it, or it might be the worst thing to happen to you since The Powerpuff Girls added a fourth member to their team, even though that reboot was one of the most frustrating of its kind on television long before then.