“Witches of Langley” American Dad! S14 E9

American Dad! Season 14, Episode 9
Witches of Langley
Grade: A-

Much of this episode was sub-par, from the lifeless intro to the pat conclusion, to the kid stereotypes, to underused Roger, Fran, and Stan, but by the time the show got butterflies coming out of people’s butts I laughed for a good couple of minutes. So, yeah. American Dad can be subjective.

A lot of wasted time with Roger, some glossed over effects of blood magic- hair? Could zombie thralls be reversed? Does blood magic require blood? And Principle Lewis didn’t do much of anything, really. A flashback would’ve been cool.

But the little touches and the hilarious middle made up for the problems. There’s a bit of A+ in the episode and a lot of C. Steve’s inability to keep from exploding heads provokes a giggle. The powers were nicely handled, although the whole thing took place in a day?

Still though. That montage (and the nice aside of the Christian Athletes Scholar Association HQ). I’m going to go back and watch it again and laugh some more. In a day or two I might have a different critical opinion, I guess- sometimes things need time to settle in. But I enjoyed watching the show tonight.

Random Observations:
Don’t. Think. About. That. Byook.

So Many Memories! Two memories.

He’s not stupid Steve. He’s the Federation of Christian Athletes Scholar Baller of the Month.
Don’t you listen to the announcements?