Games Done Quick

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Discussion Thread

Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual week-long charity marathon where highly-skilled gamers gather together to speedrun video games and raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

It’s a great cause, and the marathon is always immensely fun to watch. Of course, nobody expects you to watch everything on the schedule, so here are some highlights that I plan to check out (times subject to change; check the schedule for the latest times):

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum by cojosao. It’s always fun to watch this modern Metroidvania get dismantled. [January 7th, 7:24 PM PST]
  • Prey by DrTChops. Tune in to see a 20-hour game get torn to shreds in 15 minutes. [January 11th, 1:56 PM PST]
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition 4-way race by Vulajin, sigma, Terra, and Hydra. Ori is a great game for speedrunning, and a race just makes it all the more exciting. Plus Vulajin is one of the most entertaining runners out there. [January 11th, 6:16 PM PST]

If you miss a run, you can always catch it later through this VOD thread. Which runs are you planning to watch? Let us know, and please use this thread to talk about the runs you enjoyed.