“Roger’s Baby” American Dad! S14 E6

American Dad! Season 14 Episode 6
Roger’s Baby
Grade: C-

A welcome return to serialization revisits the aftermath of the highly successful ‘Jeff voyage home’ arc with mixed results. On one hand you have a couple very funny gags, and on the other you have a dull clunker of an episode, with fewer jokes than usual, more exposition, and a bizarrely unnecessary sewer monster lady at the end to kill any residual warm feelings I felt toward the show tonight.

But let’s start with the good stuff! Morning Mimosa’s is a larger part of the show these days, and they’re largely inoffensive and help give forward momentum and some welcome bite to Steve and Snot’s B-plot. The family’s acceptance of Roger’s casual sociopathy is always good for a laugh, and Roger as alien alpha predator is one of my favorite bits in the show- it was genuinely disturbing to see him consensually eat Jeff’s brain and gave some wallop to “…And now there’s a 10% chance I’m pregnant!”

Sadly there was a 100% chance of that, and no room for a freak out scene before the next round of exposition. And there was a lot of exposition tonight. Roger himself was strangely well behaved while he was pregnant, which was largely a missed opportunity for random alien weirdness. The transgressive material was largely the kind of fat shaming/homophobia that’s more reminiscent of Family Guy than American Dad, and would have probably stuck out less if there were more jokes.

Random Observations:
‘Member at Disney World how I got bored so I tried to drown that fat lady on Pirates of the Caribbean?

But you weren’t in Desert Storm. You saw part of Three Kings on HBO.
The part I saw was so powerful.

Oh, hey! Is that the coin I flipped?!