Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jan. 5

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jan. 5 – Champ Sean took the lead on DD1 and extended it on DD2, while Brandon missed on DD3. So once again Sean had the advantage in FJ but it wasn’t a runaway this time, with Sean at $14,600, Brandon at $9,500 and Claudia at $5,400.

DD1 – TO THE SALT LAKE CITY – Just like the one in the Middle East, this Salt Lake City river empties into a very saline lake(Sean won $2,000)

DD2 – -ISMS AND -OLIGIES – 19th c. English physician John Snow’s knowledge of chloroform & ether made him a master of this -ology (Sean won $4,000)

DD3 – BOOKS & AUTHORITIES – Violent sexuality in this man’s life & works before & during the French Revolution led to him being jailed for many years (Brandon lost $1,500)

FJ – COMIC BOOK PUBLISHERS – In 1946, MLJ Mags. changed its name to this “Comics”, incorporating the first name of its popular teenage hero

Only Brandon was correct on FJ and bet $1,301, just enough to cover a possible double-up by Claudia, and took the win when Sean lost $4,500 in an attempt to cover Brandon. The victory for Brandon, which caught him so off guard he started coughing, was worth $10,801.

Movie miscues: The players struggled in a category about blue characters associated with Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Watchmen.

Contestant chit-chat: Game show superfan Brandon (a veteran of Hollywood Squares and Millionare) has 600 theme clips, but sadly didn’t instantly recall the lyrics to that of Trebek’s first U.S. show, “The Wizard of Odds”.

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What is the Jordan River?
DD2 – What is anesthesiology?
DD3 – Who was Marquis de Sade?
FJ – What is Archie? (Claudia wrote “What is Jeff?” to the bafflement of Alex.)