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Avocado Updates: Two Guideline Additions

Alright, folks, for the new year we have two new guideline updates to announce! So with no further ado, they are:
Guideline #11: Flag abuse. We want you to feel free to flag posts that break the rules or guidelines here! But that is exactly what flagging is for: alerting us to posts that break the rules/guidelines. Flagging is not for posts you simply disagree with, users you don’t like, or as a replacement for downvotes. If we notice a user repeatedly flagging posts that don’t break any rules (keeping in mind that if a post IS breaking rules but may seem innocuous out of context you should alert us at the mod email so we have that context), we will consider issuing a warning to that user for flag abuse.
Guideline #12: The two politics threads. You’ll notice that we now have two political threads: the daily Politics Thread or PT and the Leftorium. Both are valuable spaces and we are glad to have them here on the Avocado. One thing neither thread is for is for snarking on/mocking fellow Avocados in the other threads. So we don’t want to see people talking about “those people over in the PT” or “those Leftorium people”, or anything like that. Posts using EITHER thread as a place to air grievances against other Avocados will be deleted and users will be warned if this becomes a repeated issue.
If you have any questions about either guideline, here’s the place to ask them!