Alas, We May Have No New Rick & Morty Until Late 2019

Here’s a non-controversial opinion: Rick & Morty is a pretty fine cartoon, one which many people–including those here at The Avocado–appear to greatly enjoy. But one of the prices of being a fan of the series is that you have to have a very great sense of patience. The show has become notorious for the extremely long gaps between seasons, and sadly it looks like that’s not going to change as we all collectively wait for the gleeful violence which Season 4 is bound to bring us.

The wait this time, however, may be even longer than usual, as a writer has recently come forward claiming that “no one” is currently writing any episodes right now. There were various reports of there being various “hurdles” over creative differences during production of the third season, but in this case it seems like no one behind the series is fighting because no one is working on it. This means that we might not get any new episodes until “at least” late 2019, and even then that might be being overly optimistic, as Rick and Morty has become a summer stable for Adult Swim over the years.

This is especially surprising given that the Season 3 finale more or less made a pledge to be “more relaxed” and not always trying to top itself (a trap which Sherlock struggled with to a certain extent during its supposed final three episodes). Jerry (spoiler alert!) became a part of the family again, and Rick had to begrudgingly admit that he may have actually been wrong about something (at the very least, he conceded that he would never be able to get rid of his son-in-law without losing his already estranged relationship with his daughter). One might think that this would make writing the next batch of crazy Rick and Morty adventures a little easier and less exhausting, which makes this delay even more perplexing.

While some might say otherwise, this almost certainly has nothing to do with recent accusations that series co-creator Dan Harmon was apparently a jerk to a fellow writer a while back, and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with ratings. During the third season, Rick and Morty became the most successful animated series currently on television, and the #1 comedy on basic cable. In any case, we’ll all have to wait a really long time to see more of Mr. Poopybutthole, and most of us will probably be nice about that, but that still probably won’t stop a lot of websites from posting articles about how everyone who likes the series is an asshole because of an extremely small yet outspoken section of the fandom.

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