“The Enlightenment of Ragi Baba” American Dad! S14 E3

American Dad! Season 14, Episode 3
The Enlightenment of Ragi Baba
Grade: B

Has Roger been a cult leader before? It seems like Roger has had to have been a cult leader before at least once. Either way, it’s no surprise that he jumped right to the poisoned punch phase at the first sign of trouble. Pretty sure all those cultists at the spiritual co-op are dead.

I was less enamored of Stan and Steve’s B-plot, although the perennial disappointment that the restaurant owner’s son experienced was a great recurring gag. There were some basic lapses in logic in this episode- how exactly Francine got lost for weeks trying to get her Walkman fixed, how quickly Roger’s cult got built, and whether or not his Ragi Baba was the model introduced at the beginning. Usually when Roger is sad as one of his characters, he acts out satisfying their needs in character. If he could just switch personas to fix his emotional issue, why not create a new one where he was a younger model?

Those minor criticisms aside, the jokes were solid and there were enough solid bits of sustained ridiculousness, from the elaborate sushi-making parody to the meditation gurus in the beginning, to capture my interest and to create some narrative surprises. I especially liked how the dual magazine covers of Roger as a guru and as a model had the same ‘Hot Ass Workout’ headline while having different other headlines.

It makes a certain amount of sense that Roger finally taking a breather to not think for probably the first time in his life would have cosmic consequences and it makes definite sense that he would immediately ruin Nirvana by infecting it with his love of pop culture.

Random Observations:
Should we… should we turn on the TV?

I’m Chad. This is Gina. And this. Is a giant crystal.

Rice! The rich man’s maggots.