Scott OT #26: Fuck You Pyramid Night Thread (1/3)

A drinking game that I like to play with friends is “Fuck You Pyramid.” Here’s how you play it. First, you take playing cards and put them in a pyramid formation, like this:


Then, you flip a card over and you have to match either the suit or number of that card with a card from your hand. When you place a card down, you have to say “Fuck you, [someone else playing.” It goes like this:

*places card down*

“Fuck you, RiverSong.”

*someone else places card down*

“Fuck you, dog of man.”

“Fuck you, FrancineHibiscus.”

“Fuck you, Gougagna.”

“Fuck you, space robot.”

(Everyone mentioned in this header volunteered to be mentioned in this, so I’m not singling anyone out.)

When no one can match the last card played, the last person to be “fucked” has to drink while someone counts the cards that were placed down. Also, you have to say this when the round is done:

“Fucking [last person, space robot in this example] once, fucking space robot twice, fucking space robot all night long!”

When you clear a row of cards, you increase the amount of times you count the cards that were placed down.

You also don’t have to drink alcohol when you play this, I always drink soda when we play.

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night (and drink responsibly).