Brainstorming for The Avocado In-Jokes and References…Reference…Guide

Hey all! I was thinking it would be nice to have an editable document posted somewhere that gives a little background explanation on some things that seem perfectly cromulent to us veteran Avocados but doesn’t make sense to people new to the discussions. Or maybe they’ve been here since the site started and still don’t know what the hell Garbage Ape refers to and have just felt dumb for asking. Here’s your place to fill in some answers and suggest topics!

Off the top of my head, I can think of:

  • What is Garbage Ape?
  • What does home of the Austin Freaks mean?
  • Save it for the Night Thread
  • The Langoliers gif that closes out every open thread
  • Simpsons gifs/Frinkiac
  • Commonly used Simpsons quotes
  • Other commonly used TV quotes

What else can we come up with?