90th Academy Awards Pool

It’s awards season, and you know what that means: another opportunity to make pointless predictions for bragging rights!

Before the White House inevitably attempts to boycott the Academy Awards because he doesn’t want to hear Jimmy Kimmel verbally kick the President’s ass, we have to go through a bunch of other industry awards that will give us a pretty good idea of who the winners and losers will be for the big show. But before that happens and inevitably colors expectations, I want to know what we think will (or at least could) win/be nominated. So I’m putting up an Oscar Pool.

The Rules:

This is basically going to be a fantasy draft. Below will be ten (10) rounds. Although there are 24 categories and as many as 125 films could theoretically be nominated this year, such a high number is unlikely, and more importantly I want as many people as possible to have a chance to win.  In each round, participants will be allowed to choose one (1) film, ending with a master list of up to ten movies. Each film chosen must fulfill the Academy’s criteria for consideration this year. Once a movie is claimed, nobody else can put it on their list, so make sure to read the comments carefully.

Whomever ends the night with the most wins is the victor, and potential ties will be broken by the number of nominations. I’ll catch up with where everyone is when nomination time comes.

Game on!