The Weekly Pun Thread is Back Bearing Gifts

After a week’s vacation, the Weekly Pun Thread has returned with a story about attempting to give the gift that everyone wants this year:

Approximately 60 pounds of high grade marijuana were found Tuesday, Dec. 19, during a traffic stop initiated by the York County Sheriff’s Department on Interstate 80 – and the elderly couple transporting it claimed they intended to give it away as Christmas gifts.

The marijuana was seized and it is estimated that the street value is $336,000, according to Sgt. Vrbka.

Taken into custody were Patrick Jiron, 80, and Barbara Jiron, 70. Lt. Vrbka said the two elderly people indicated they were from Clearlake Oaks, Calif., and were headed for Vermont.

I’m sure there were some very disappointed teenagers on Christmas Day. Pun away everyone!