Werewolf 49: Persona 3 Parallel — Signups

On February 1, 2010, with Nyx defeated, Minako Arisato visits the Velvet Room for what she assumes will be the last time. To her surprise, the room is empty and in shambles, Igor’s loveseat slashed, the table overturned. At the back of the room, one of the four doors, usually covered or shut tight, stands open. Unable to resist, Minako steps through. A bright light flashes, and Minako finds herself in the Iwatodai dorm lobby, staring at an all-too-familiar, disturbing kid in striped pajamas standing behind the front desk. “You’re late,” says the boy. “I’ve been waiting a long time.” “Pharos?” asks Minako, utterly confused. The boy ignores her, staring ahead as if reading from a script. “If you want to proceed,” continues the boy in his sing-song voice, “then please sign here. It’s a contract.” Minako waves her hand in front of his face and snaps her fingers. “Pharos . . . Ryoji . . . whoever you are, we’ve already done this, remember?” Finally, the boy looks directly at her, an unnerving smile creeping across his face. “Oh no,” he replies. “We haven’t done this. This is something different.”

This is Werewolf XLIX: Persona 3 Parallel

16 SEES Members (Town)
4 Strega Cultists (Wolves)
1 Convert (Traitor)
1 Deranged Stalker (Serial Killer)

  • The Convert, Deranged Stalker, and SEES Members have upright social links. The Strega Cultists have inverted social links. (This only matters for the purposes of investigation.)
  • The Convert is aligned with Strega but does not know who the Strega members are (and vice versa). The Convert operates as a Jailkeeper unless inducted into Strega. If the Convert is chosen by Strega to be night-killed, the Convert is inducted into Strega instead (learns identities of other Strega Cultists but loses jailkeeping ability and upright social link).


Note: Knowledge of Persona is not necessary to play the game, and new players are welcome.

  • The Strega Cultists (Wolves) know who each other are but do not have a private QT.
  • The game is divided into two periods: Day and Dark Hour (night), separated by Twilight.
  • All players have the opportunity to vote for a daily lynch on the OT, as usual. Outside of the game, Days will last 24 hours or until a majority decision is reached.
  • At the end of each Day comes Twilight, and after Twilight comes the Dark Hour, the hidden hour between days. During the Dark Hour, players name their night-kill target and select any other available night actions. Outside of the game, the Dark Hour will last 12 hours or until all votes and night actions are in (whichever comes first).
  • During the Dark Hour, each player names a night-kill target, except the Convert (who names a jail-keeping target instead); the player who receives the most votes from each faction (SEES Members and Strega) will die unless protected. In the event of a tie, RNG will decide between the tied players. There will be a nightly SEES Members kill, Strega kill, and Deranged Stalker kill, based on the votes of each.
  • If two factions target the same person, the kill will not go through. If the Deranged Stalker, SEES Members, and Strega all target the same player, the Deranged Stalker and a random player will die instead (the targeted player will not die).
  • Each player represents an arcana and thus a social link with the Protagonist, Minako Arisato. Each new day strengthens surviving players’ social links with Minako, giving each player a temporary (that day- or that night-only) power. These powers may duplicate/repeat. They will not be revealed, even in death.
  • If a one-shot power is a night-kill power, that kill will go throughregardless of whether it targets the same player as SEES, Strega, and/or the Deranged Stalker (unless the target is protected).
  • Each player also has a strength and weakness. At Twilight each day, all players will be struck by a common, random (RNG-determined) force (element, ailment, physical, light, or dark). Players who are strong against that force will get two votes that night. Players who are weak to that force will get no vote that night. The force will not otherwise affect night actions.
  • Each player must role-play as a particular character from Persona 3 Portable (any character — PC or NPC, major or minor — of their choice, excepting the Protagonist). Character choice has no bearing on alignment, strength, weakness, arcana, persona, or powers. It’s a parallel dimension, so feel free to amend your character at will, even if it varies wildly from the character in the original game. If you would like a character to be assigned to you, just say so when signing up. Otherwise, please choose your character when or after signing up.
  • If Minako reaches the final level of Tartarus with Strega or the Deranged Stalker in control, SEES will fail, Nyx will descend, and Death will fall upon the world.

The game is expected to begin Tuesday, January 2, 2018, though that can be adjusted if needed.

Please comment below if you’d like to play. There’s no need to be scared. It only binds you to accepting full responsibility for your actions.

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  1. Capt. LindsayFunke — Yuko Nishiwaki
  2. Owen
  3. InnDE — Shinjiro Aragaki
  4. Captain Video — Vincent Brooks
  5. Grumproro — Saori Hasegawa
  6. TCRM — Theodore
  7. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts — Yukari Takeba
  8. Sheltie — Igor
  9. the good kind snugglewumps — Mitsuru Kirijo
  10. Nick — Ikutsuki
  11. MacCrocodile — Akinari Kamiki
  12. Milkproof Robot — Mutatsu
  13. Pulprobot — Akihiko Sanada
  14. Lockeout — Aigis
  15. Boris McCool — Koromaru
  16. Smapti Jones — Bunkichi
  17. Spiny Creature — Elizabeth
  18. Zecko — Chidori Yoshino
  19. Shinichiki — Andre Laurent Jean Geraux (Bebe)
  20. Creeper — Junpei
  21. HolsGG
  22. subsaharan — Takeharu Kirijo


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