This is the First Look at Solo: A Star Wars Story You’re Looking For

The Last Jedi was a movie full of surprises (and shots at Vegas for some reason), but perhaps the biggest one was that Disney didn’t attach a trailer for the upcoming Han Solo solo film creatively titled Solo: A Star Wars Story to it. That might change this week, as a preview is rumored to drop online soon, but until then we can savor this first official look at the film, courtesy of a Russian licensing website.

Solo 1

There is much we can talk about here, including Lando’s sweet, sweet yellow spandex, not to mention the fact that Han Solo isn’t wearing his iconic vest. This is also our first glimpse at Emilia Clark’s character, but she appears to be as appropriately fierce and sexy as one would expect, even if she doesn’t end up having to eat a raw wookiee heart as part of some twisted Life Day tradition. And hey, it turns out Han did always have that nerfhereder look going on.

There have been negative rumors galore surrounding Solo for a while now, including the most recent one that Disney is expecting for the movie to bomb badly (which is nonsense, by the way). It’s currently set for release into theaters on May 25th, but given the director shift last year as Ron Howard took everything over, it’s possible it could get pushed back.