Episode #30: Bungie Jumping with the Wizard from the Moon

Hey folks! We’ve got a special post-Christmas treat for y’all. Join me, The Kappa, Zach_Annon, and of course The Radio Cat as we discuss Bungie’s oeuvre, from Halo: Combat Evolved to Destiny 2. (Don’t worry, we didn’t forget that Marathon exists; it warranted a couple of mentions!) Warning: This episode is spoiler-heavy.

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0:15 – Introductions
4:35 – Halo’s Origins and What It Brought to the Table
23:10 – Iconic Moments in the Halo Series
29:25 – The 343 Industries Games
31:50 – Cortana and the Dinklebot
40:45 – Halo’s Narrative
47:00 – Halo’s Legacy and Future
1:00:30 – Introduction to Destiny 2
1:13:20 – The Story of Destiny
1:19:55 – Destiny’s Development Troubles
1:24:20 – Raids, Strikes, and Endgame Content
1:28:10 – The Destiny Fanbase
1:32:25 – Destiny Weaponry, PVP, and Clans
1:46:10 – Destiny Gameplay
1:50:40 – Gaming with Friends
1:58:10 – Destiny’s Cultural Impact
2:00:30 – Microtransactions in Games
2:08:35 – Cultural Reception to Shooters
2:11:00 – Conclusion