The Great Nintendo Friend Code Swap

I finally did it! I made a place for us to share Nintendo friend codes for Nintendo Switch, 3ds, Wii U, or mobile games such as Fire Emblem Heroes. Feel free to leave a comment here with your information, or add it to the convenient spread sheet I made located here! Better yet, add your info to both lists :).

Here’s what to include:

  • What console is this for?
  • Your friend code
  • Your display name
  • What multiplayer games do you play?

I also suggest notifying someone if you’re adding them as a friend. I tend to get a lot of friend requests from strangers, but I’ll add anyone if they tell me they’ve sent a request!

And once again, here’s a link to the spreadsheet:

If there’s not room to add your name, you can add another line by clicking “insert” and then “row below”. Thanks!