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Heavy Side Up Weekly Discussion

Welcome to the final Heavy Side Up for 2017!

This week’s featured release is actually one from last week which I accidentally neglected to mention. Normally I try to ensure the featured release was released the same week as the thread, but with the general lack of new stuff around this time of the year, I hope no one minds if I break my own rule here! It’s an EP from Disperse guitarist Jakub Zytecki, whose first album Wishful Lotus Proof was one of my favourite releases of 2015. Titled Ladder Head, this is Zytecki’s second EP this year, following the release of Feather Bed in July (as you may have guessed from the titles, they’re companion pieces), and errs on the much more mellow and soothing side of progressive metal, intertwining elements of post-rock to create the perfect listen for one to wind down the year:

As for things that actually were released this week, mathcore act Introvert put out a remastered reissue of their debut EP Abjection, and post-black metal band Außerwelt released a new EP titled Transitions. There were also EPs released by The Plot in You’s Landon Tewers, deathcore bands Improvidence and Left to Vanish, instrumental band Vitalism, Swedish band Tribulation, and metal legends Venom.

There was far less in the way of full-length releases, beyond a new special edition of an Avenged Sevenfold album. Post-hardcore band Keep it Quiet released their debut album Lonely Weather, black metal outfit Nortt released a new album titled Endeligt, available here (the Bandcamp specifies the release date as December 29, but the full album is already available for streaming), and lastly, brutal death metal band Organectomy released their first full-length album Domain of the Wretched – for which I just wanted to highlight the cover art, because holy crap, it is awesome:


So, as mentioned last week, this, being the last Heavy Side Up for the year (the feature will be returning on January 6), will be positing a different question for discussion: