The Dear Satan Day Thread

At times like these, what with the caroling and decorating and general Holiday cheer, we tend to forget that even those of the most infernal kind partake in that time to celebrate on that one very special day of the year.

Now imagine, if you will, of little Imps dancing around tortured soul groves whilst covering them with garlands and ornaments green. Fallen Angels up on high hanging baubles of damned souls upon charred trees and bright lights red and green. And Succubi putting up stockings over the fireplace where wicked souls burn eternally.

Come one, come all, denizen’s of Hell. To celebrate that time of gift giving and eggnog cheers as souls roast and Beelzebub nips at their toes. And maybe, just maybe, send a kind letter to Lucifer dear.


(Oh, and here’s the comic in its original horizontal frame, if the picture above did not come out as clear.)

Dear Satan