TWO Chicago Meetups – Jan 13th and Feb 17th

So we’re now going to have TWO Chicago meetups in early 2018! Here’s the details so far:

1.  January 13th – Dinner and Cabin in the Woods

So on this day, the Music Box is having a midnight showing of Cabin in the Woods. So I figure we’ll meet up at Crosby’s for a late dinner and drinks (alcoholic and non), at 8. Those who want to stay for the movie can hang and kill time there or go do their own thing until around 11:30, when we’ll meet up again for the movie. Those who just want to do dinner and drinks are welcome to join as well! This is going to be a combo meetup with us and the Tolerability Index Forum, though it’ll most likely be mostly us.

2. February 17th – Dinner and HUMP!

Everything I do is apparently Music Box related. Dan Savage’s HUMP Festival is playing at the Music Box on this weekend. Tickets can be bought here: Please note that this is an ADULT movie screening: the HUMP festival features erotic/porn shorts submitted by non-professionals in a variety of situations and with a huge variety of tones, from hilarious to dead serious. It’s a lot of fun! We’ll go to the 7pm screening together and meet up for an early dinner first, probably as early as 4 so we can get to the Music Box by 6:30 for good seats. The dinner spot has not yet been decided so throw out your suggestions here!