Sunday Food Thread 12/17

Cookie Swap!

As I write this it’s Saturday morning, by the time it posts I’ll have been to a holiday cookie swap Saturday afternoon. Here are the parameters-

The RSVP’s are in and the total head count is 10.

1. Please bring 10 dozen of your favorite holiday cookies – Haha…JUST KIDDING!!!
Seriously, bring around 3 dozen of just one type of cookie. 

2. The most important thing is to know how many cookies you bring, it will determine the sample / share to take home ratio (ahhh cookie math.) It works like this: Each person will lay out a sample of 10 cookies at the party for guests; when it’s time to leave we’ll split up your remaining cookies between all the guests. 
3. For people interested in after party shenanigans – Starting around 10PM Mrs & Mr Farting Dog’s band, _____, plays at Montrose Saloon.
I’m bringing Moravian wafers that I make every holiday season and Mrs tfd makes a browned-butter shortbread almond cookie that melts in your mouth. I’ll do my best to take notes and pictures and have a tale to tell Sunday evening!