Parental Guidance 12/ 16: Generations

This is still the parental guidance thread: A weekly – ish space for parents, caregivers, etc to discuss The Children. Each week, Corn or I will post a thread with a parenting or parenting adjacent topic. Which is really just conversation starter – feel free to brag, complain, vent, ask advice, give advice or just keep each other in the loop!

Sorry about the non Alice Cooper gif this time, I’ve had issues with my wordpress account, but as I searched the image library, I thought this was a good one for this weeks topic: Generations

My grandma would have turned 100 last week. Mr Rim and a good friend of hours had milestone  birthdays this week, and I just met my god-brother’s newborn son.  My mommy has shared several photos of my great grandma and grandma and we often talk about how similar we are to them – in looks, mannerisms, etc.  (hence the cats)

What with the holiday season and all the traditions that parents want to have their kids enjoy, and the new year approaching, my questions are:

What are good traits from other generations that you would like to keep up with with respect to The Children? What are things you’d like to change?