Hitler Pony and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Somehow Used for Nazi Homework Assignment

Today in “Yeah, that happened!” news, a teacher is under fire for a homework assignment about Nazi Germany in which she just might’ve gotten a little too…creative. Oxygen is reporting that students in Illinois were instructed to create “a comic strip for little kids” that explained Europe’s appeasement towards Hitler, and encouraged them to mirror the classic children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in terms of style and tone. Pictures had to be “fun and colorful,” but it all had to be “historically accurate.”

Also, artwork of a My Little Pony character dressed as Hitler inexplicably made it onto the assignment sheet, because this is why we can’t have nice things.

hitler 1

While we all scratch our heads and wonder how any teacher could possibly think this wouldn’t cause any sort of controversy, we should also discuss that this sounds like a shockingly tedious project to put together as well. Think about trying to put together a freaking Nazi comic strip as you’re going through you’re other classes. Do you somehow insert Pepe the Frog into your work and tarnish his good name as well? Does Mac Tonight also make a cameo? Per the assignment’s My Little Pony character, do you say “screw it” and write an alternate history timeline in which Nazi Germany was brought down by the magic of friendship and heavy arsenal pony machine guns?

I need to go and wash my hands.

pinkie 1