The Day Thread Gets Into a Hairy Situation

On or about Dec. 12, 2016, Uvular last cut his hair.

Artist’s rendering of Uvular’s current appearance

One year ago today, give or take a day, marked both the last time Uvular had enough spare cash to splurge on tonsorial services and probably the last time he will ever need to primp for an in-person job interview. The trim gave out quickly, and the office gig never materialized.

Relegated to his accustomed skinflintery and ensconced in his at-home self-employment, Uvular decided hair cuts counted as expendable indulgences. Then his hair really grew out, and he kind of liked it Then #metoo hit, and he decided he might as well stage a silent protest against toxic masculinity.

Which leads us to this morning and Uvular’s first-ever successful ponytail. He also used this calculator to figure he could probably sell his tresses for about $250 should he weaken and schedule a lopping off.

To answer your question: He still has a good dark cherrywood red color going overall, but too many grey strands have crept in over the course of his 48 winters to allow donation to a fine charity like Locks of Love. For-profit wig makers can tolerate a little brindling.

Celebrate hirsuteness. Post to the Day Thread. Comb ‘em if got ‘em.