“Bleakening” Bob’s Burgers S8 E6 & E7

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 6 & 7
Grade: B+

The Bleaken is coming duh nuh nuh hold on to your horn…

Pretty catchy.

He got nude he got super nude

The songs were on point even if the plot was a little predictable and the opening felt padded and humorless. There was no real reason for this special to be an hour. American Dad did a much more memorable version of Krampus in much less time, and with more of an emphasis on humor. This episode really leaned too hard on excessive quirkiness for everything to completely work.

But like I said, the songs were really, really good.



The Ebeneezer Bleu-ge Burger

Random Observations:
• “You wrap like a drunk, blind bear.”
“That’s how I live.”
• “Here’s the thing, Bob.”
“Oh no.”