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The Weekend Politics Thread Needs a Babysitter

… and a little child shall lead them.
— Isaiah 11:6, KJV

Your humble WPT host cops to doing violence to the cited text by quoting the prophet out of context because everyone else always does the same. And if Uvular has learned nothing else from slathering himself in U.S. national and Virginia politics for decades,* he has learned that sauce for the gander means no rules of content, intent, or intellectual rigor apply. So: Gotcha, Bible!

The United States 2017 offers an object lesson in the horrors of childish leadership unseen and, sadly, forgotten since Henry VI. At least that boy king had no tactical nukes to threaten the madwoman Joan d’Arc.** And the odds of future historians naming any war started under Trump after flowers appear low, though fungus*** could stand in for vegetation if you squint.

Trump’s terrible twos grabbiness, 3-year-old solipsism, and mean girl social media messaging merit little rehashing because new instances have surely arrived in the time it took you to finish reading this needlessly wordy sentence. The decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital does, however, draw new attention to his arrested mental and emotional development.

He spake as a child. He acted on a fairytale myth of a return to Zion triggering a rapturous event. He took the misguided action to look cool in front of his bad-kid friends. The resulting humans-only^ battles might as well take the title of a children’s crusade because no adults bumbled them into existence.


A meme that never really took off because the actual television episode offers few gif-able scenes compares Trump to the child monster in Twilight Zone’s “It’s a Good Life.” Trump will not stop wishing for the worst and receiving that twice over when someone reaches out to him with love and understanding. Laws and votes must remove this child leader who scripture inadvertently threatened would arrive.

While implementing process, post comments here. Even the Serpent divebombing the Plains of Megiddo takes a break every now and then to bitch about the brass back at HQ.


n.b. When revisiting Sting’s 1985 sort-of anti-nuclear war concept album The Dream of the Blue Turtles, keep in mind that earnestness often signifies nothing more than earnestness.
*He cast the lone vote for John Anderson during his fifth grade’s mock 1980 presidential election. America should have followed Uvular’s lead — not to insist on more child leadership per se.
**Guess who else takes their steaks well done?
***Oblique “War of the Mushroom Clouds” zinger. Nailed it.
^And drones. Definitely drones.