Your Go-To Holiday Get Together Album

The day gets darker.  You put out some sparkling drinks on the table, whether it be champagne or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.  Guests are coming through the door.  The glazed ham is almost ready.

It’s a holiday party!  You need something to set the mood.  Whether it’s a playlist you’ve got streaming on your Bluetooth enabled speaker or an old vinyl, you need some audio reminder that, hey, we’re not here for a birthday party or Guy Fawkes Day.  We’re doing a Christmas/Hannukah/Other thing.

So what do you play?

Despite not often tolerating his music on any other occasion, I find the Kenny G Christmas album to be the perfect Yuletide music choice.  It’s soft enough to fade in the background, so guests can have no problem carrying on conversations.  Plus it’s just got a hazy mood to it that reminds you of all the stereotypical Christmas things: snow, fireplaces, warm sweaters, even when it’s wet and rainy and company rules prevent oh from lighting a flame indoors.

In fact, the first time Kenny G really worked for me was at a company lunch potluck where the office assistant had a YouTube Yule log crackling on the big screen.  Thank you, smooth jazzman, and your gift of adult contemporary easy listening!