The Next X-Men Movie Will Have “A Lot of Suffering”

In case you were losing sleep at night worried that the next X-Men movie wouldn’t be super duper serious, you can put your mind at ease on the matter, as a first look at the film promises it “the most emotional” of the franchise so far. That’s pretty ominous considering some of us are still crying over Logan.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which continues the prequel timeline that we were told would end with X-Men: Apocalypse, will see Jean Grey being possessed by a split personality demon or whatever, something which ultimately forced Wolverine to have to kill her at the end of The Last Stand before she was brought back to life through the magic of time travel with Day of Future Past, which happened before Logan ignored that movie for some reason. So maybe this isn’t even a prequel series anymore. It’s like Revenge of the Sith if Anakin Skywalker hadn’t killed all of those rugrats and instead assassinated his boss.

Anyway, Dark Phoenix will feature “a lot of a sacrifice and a lot of suffering,” which sounds like something we could all use in the world right now, because things are so peachy these days. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is back as Mystique even though she said she wouldn’t be, and maybe Hugh Jackman will even show up as Wolverine to say the word “bub” or something. So long as he was dead serious about doing so.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens everywhere November 2nd, but fans can whet their appetites for it with more R-rated superhero terror when The New Mutants opens in April.